Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Heeeeeeeeeeeeeell NO! Today I didnt had trigonometri exams 10am,Im out of school for saman at gelora bung karno But this is more shitty shitttt assholeee, I've to saman practice EVRYDAY UNTILL MAY 20TH!
Im really shocked by that!
The event organizer said,That RI President will come to this event
For National kebangkitan day (hahaha nggak tau kebangkitan inggrisnya apa)
Wish me luck :---------)

Hey! My friend catch this photo on last saturday,And I'll like it so I'd retouched this photo and made it for my deviantID,you like it huh?
Common lets comment!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Trigonometri shit!

Do you believe?
That heaps of people arent got their math score well!

Oh yaa,I knew it
In my opinion,I do love math
But this,made me hate math
Cause my teacher had kick my ass *wkwkwkwk jk :P
For now,I really hate math!
Special for trigonometri!
It because,I didnt get it in my brain
And I've too lazy to study hard for this shitty!
Kenapa musti ada trigonometri?
Believe or not,now I'd trying hard to make it easy
( tuh di bold sama italic )
I'll submit my photo while I study hard for TRIGONOMETRI!

P.S : I dont know deh :-)

Monday, April 21, 2008

Ayat - ayat....

After all I've watch ayat-ayat cinta (3 kali gue nonton)
I tried to make a movies like it
But it fools,I'd have a project photo.. Looks like ayat-ayat cinta
But (once more) IT FAKE!
haha as you see :--)

Enjoy it :-)