Thursday, October 30, 2008


Akhirnyaaaa selesai juga UB 2,walaupun akhirnya nggak begitu bagus yaaa ampun hari terakhir
fisika TIK MULOK!
Udahmana fisikanya mumet banget lagi soal2nya,otak gue udah keburu pusing duluan,mentok2nya nyontek sana sini juga fuh fuh remed deh nih kayaknya.
Seenggaknya udah slesai UB,paling ntar berjuang lagi buat remed.
Smoga ada miracles datang terus semua ulangan gue tuntas semua nggak ada yang remed *sumpah ngayal parah yaaa ampun. (AMININ AJA DEH YAA, -AMIIIIIIIN)

fuh fuh

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hey folks......

Im on facebook now,too bad I forgot my fs email so Im back on facebook which it made by my brother.
Well,See you then!

Citta Triajeng'velma' Saraswati's Facebook profile



Friday, October 24, 2008

Grow up!

Thanks Goodness, Since Lebaran mommy told to me,
" Hey young lady, wake up! Breakfast is ready, come on honey! "

And all my family told me that I'm ready to become adults,
And remembering the tragedy ( Im trully wont wrote it! )
My-exboyfriend has taken with other girl, In that day my heart really broken in pieces..
I just can't believe it!
Secepat ituuuuuuu???
Okay then,my best cousin told me,

" Hey! Today is your new day, relax dong jeng! Don't be too serious, It wouldn't change you. Like Joker said,'Why So Serious??'. Let start for something new,new life,new habbit,new boyfriend maybe? Okay dear? "

She isn't the professional motivator,but I know what she said.
Then it works! Some of my friends told me that I've change evrything.
Like indonesian aphorism said, ' Masih banyak Ikan di laut '
So,Why so Serious?
Being Single more fun than a relationship,and if isn't it depends to yourself and your boy/girl-friend.

Here it is,My holiday Photos.Isn't good but well,it's good enough deng hehehe

Ready for snack?

Gotchaa! Its snake dear,isn't she beautiful?

love you guys,thanks for reading


P.S: More photo,please visit my deviantart.ty

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I need it!

Eiffel lego with the wedding couples uuuuuuu beli dimana yaaa??


Monday, October 13, 2008

The Playlist

Have you ever feel that someone who you love take you fly away in the highest place,then they'd let you down so you can fall from that highest place without some reasons??


Okay,then they try to assured you that they really love you so much and make you waiting for someone you love who ever let you down before.........................................
You kno? Its like 1000 weapons shoot you exactly in your heart
But not for me,Maybe this time I'd try to wait,be patient and what-else? maybe ikhlas...
I would wait him,evenits for 1000years.....

Here it is my sad playlist :

Ecoutez! - percayalah
East17 - each time
Boyz II men - On bended knee
Erri - Menangis untuk Tersenyum
Craig david - Dont love you no more ( Im sorry)
Dea Mirella - Takkan Terganti
Kahitna - Cinta Sendiri
Maliq & D'essentials - ..dan ketika
Maliq & D'essentials - Untiltled
Salena Jones - Lately
Soulvibe - Biarlah ( Hapuslah Cinta )
Glenn Fredly - Tega
V&S - Tanpa kamu
Dewa 19 - Pupus
Dewa 19 - Risalah hati
Jikustik - 1000tahun lamanya
Monita Idol - Kekasih Sejati

There's a lot of fish beyond the sea ko jeng