Friday, October 24, 2008

Grow up!

Thanks Goodness, Since Lebaran mommy told to me,
" Hey young lady, wake up! Breakfast is ready, come on honey! "

And all my family told me that I'm ready to become adults,
And remembering the tragedy ( Im trully wont wrote it! )
My-exboyfriend has taken with other girl, In that day my heart really broken in pieces..
I just can't believe it!
Secepat ituuuuuuu???
Okay then,my best cousin told me,

" Hey! Today is your new day, relax dong jeng! Don't be too serious, It wouldn't change you. Like Joker said,'Why So Serious??'. Let start for something new,new life,new habbit,new boyfriend maybe? Okay dear? "

She isn't the professional motivator,but I know what she said.
Then it works! Some of my friends told me that I've change evrything.
Like indonesian aphorism said, ' Masih banyak Ikan di laut '
So,Why so Serious?
Being Single more fun than a relationship,and if isn't it depends to yourself and your boy/girl-friend.

Here it is,My holiday Photos.Isn't good but well,it's good enough deng hehehe

Ready for snack?

Gotchaa! Its snake dear,isn't she beautiful?

love you guys,thanks for reading


P.S: More photo,please visit my deviantart.ty


sashaafterschool said...

jeng yg foto kamu lagi dirumah sama megang ular itu dimana? bagus de rumahnya

Ajeng Velma said...

Yg megang ular it ada di taman safari gitu sha,kalo yg rumah itu ada di flatnya sodara aku bagus emang orang itu depannya pantai hehe

Deppbbey said...

AJENGGGGGGGG. sperti biasa, aku suka foto yg di tmpt gersang itu o_0

Dion said...

gue cinta banget foto lo yg sama ular. aaaaaaa cute yellow snake. is it phyton? :B

Ajeng Velma said...

aaaaah deby bisa ajaa haha

Ajeng Velma said...

no di,itu sanca hahaha iya emang itu baru aja dimandiin di,bersih banget yaa?

Dion said...

banget. dia kyk punya sisik emas gituuu nyaw me likeyy. i wish i had one :(