Friday, May 23, 2008


Saman sebanyak 600 mahluk!!!!!
Probably I'd proud to be a participant this event
sounds like good or d'oh???
While Im practice saman,and now I'd just realized
it make me sick.
Sekarang jadi gejala dbd (duh sedihnyaaaaa)
damn aw! Perhaps,I've to study hard for last exam
Wish me luck.....................

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Better or Worst....

I have no idea Why I couldn't stop this habbit???
Better or worse,I've been trying to stop it.........
but it wouldn't happen..
The better is,Those photo I named it,
"Im not smoker,but Im lollypopper"
(Hahahah I know its fake,and why LOLLYPOPPER?? dummy! )
But the WORST,
People will named it,
"Oh yeaaaa,you're geez maa"
( zzzzz -________- )
And heaps of people who wont ever to smoke will named it,
"Hey idiot,isn't healthy"
( Baby,I knew that...... That's why I couldn't stop it )

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I need more sleeping pill....

cause I haven't sleep early,
and wake up at noon
Haven't much time for taking a rest
Or make a plan for photoshoot.
Being lazy at home,and playing computer
Sign in msn,but there was no cool-friends for chat
( Otherwise,I'd made my msn status busy lately )
Heey,this site made me laugh
[ click! ]
I know it worst to click it,
but It is fun haaa?!
Its totally crap shit fcuk asshole &*%@#$!?><

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Dont you know???

Im ill
penyakitnya gara
2 :
1. keracunan makanan (nggak elit)
2. Kebanyakan pikiran
3. Stresss zz
4. Jarang makan

As you see,these ill isn't cool right?
So,I should stop smoke and drinkin alcohol.
Cause It wouldn't help me while Im sick,although It'll kill me
ahahahahahahhahahaha zzz
And the doctor said,that all my food will be clean and halal
jadi gue harus pilih-pilih makanan ( aduh repot )
One more (horrible) things,My weight is about 38kilo so I've to gain it for about 4kilo - more

Saturday, May 3, 2008


Hh.... Now I couldn't can sleept < style="font-weight: bold; font-style: italic;">sleepless
I didn't gave all my homework for all my teacher
I didn't get it all those teacher who gave me a bunch task
Well,I'd relaxaxing my head
So I choose to watched TARIX JABRIX on thursday with my bestfriends,aliya.
And today,I've watched IRON MAN with Joshua at blitz grand indonesia,
Those film are cool and interesting

Friday, May 2, 2008


Spell fuck!
Im very tired to the maxx zzzzzz
Saman melulululululuu!
Capek ibuuu!
Wuoooo made me stronger
made me higher
baby baby....
Tgl 4,6,11,19 ( + gladi kotor sama gladi bersih )
Itu harusrusrus latiaaan
Dari jam 9 sampe jam 3an lewat
Boroooooos nyeeeeeeeet
sinting juga nih.
Ah sudahlah mau bobok sudah capai juga nih

P.S : Im posted this while iyem gave me a body massage,and it feels soo
Uuuu cool maaa!