Friday, December 5, 2008


Hey yaaaaa blogwalking,
thanks if you read this last entries....
I think I want to buy pop 9 or pentax waterproof (immediately).
So I decide to sell my lomo supersampler.
here it is.....

Please contact me for more info or if you are interested and want you buy it,please contact* me on msn,fb,or skype :


facebook,only search with keywords ; Ajeng Velma
(at the first page,and the very top of)

skype ; ajengpumpum

THANKYOU :----------------------)

*) for friendster,maybe I haven't open it Im sorry maybe both of you who send me a message through friendster,Maybe I'll late reply,so okay.. you'd better to ask me with leave your comment in this blog for more specific


Alanda said...

aku pengen comment tapi gak tau mau comment apa hehehe

Prima Diah Mustika said...

wah itu berapaan? I'm intersted

Ajeng Velma said...

prima,kalo mau tau lebih jelas add msn aku aja yaa